Sunday, October 24, 2010

Double Take by Catherine Coulter

I love watching action and FBI movies but I've never tried reading an FBI thriller.  I found Double Take at Booksale last week.  I had no intentions of buying it but when I read the summary I found it interesting.  I'm almost halfway and I hope I have more time to read because it's hard to put the book down.  :(

The police are convinced that Julia Ransom is guilty of the brutal murder of her husband, renowned psychic August Ransom.  But after six months of investigation and media frenzy, she is free of their scrutiny, because of the lack of evidence.  One afternoon she walks from her Pacific Heights home to Fisherman's Wharf, alone, unwatched -- and, she realizes, happy.   Standing at the railing on Pier 39, she savors the sounds around her -- tourists, countless seals on the barges -- and for a moment enjoys the sheer normalcy of it all.

It suddenly comes to an end when a respectable-looking man distracts her with conversation before striking her unconscious and heaving her over the rail into San Francisco Bay.  If it weren't for Special Agent Cheney Stone, Julia would drown.  Cheney quickly realizes that the attempt on Julia's life must be connected with the murder of her husband, and reopens the investigation with the SFPD.

Meanwhile, in Maestro, Virginia, Sheriff Dixon Noble -- last seen in Point Blank -- learns about a woman named Charlotte Pallack, whose extraordinary resemblance to his vanished wife, Christie, gone for three years, sends him across the country.  Although in his heart he knows that this woman can't possibly his missing wife, Dix is compelled to see her with his own eyes.

In San Francisco, Dix's and Cheney's paths cross, brought together by FBI Special Agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock.  All four begin to unlock the mystery behind Charlotte Pallack's identity, as well as the forces behind Julia Ransom's attempted murder of her husband.  The most fascinating aspect of the case is the extraordinary cast of psychics they meet as they push deep into the intriguing and complex world of visions, mind benders, and communications with the dead.

As the stakes and the body count rise, Savich, Sherlock, Dix, and Cheney fight for answers -- and their lives.