Friday, October 15, 2010


It's one of those days when I'm feeling overly sensitive.  Rarely do I get touchy but when I do, expect me to shed a tear even with the most petty shallow thing.  Could this be a part of perimenopause? They say women get touchy as they approach menopause.  I hope not.  :(  I mean. I'm okay with menopause but I hope I won't be touchy and irritable.

Anyway, going back to my story.  I was crying earlier (a lot!) because I feel my husband is insensitive of my feelings.  How childish!  To think that I'm already in my forties, hehe.  And now, after I have cried it all out I feel ashamed of the way I behaved.  Oh well, maybe I just needed to pour it all out.

I should feel better after crying it all out.  Actually I do feel better emotionally but I am now nursing a headache and I feel a cold coming on.  I thought the headache was the effect of crying a lot, I usually get that when I cry but it's now becoming clear that it's more than just a headache.  I already downed one claritin and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I feel better tomorrow, errr later.  I've got a long list of to-dos, I can't get sick.

I better stop now and take a rest.  See you all tomorrow.